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 * * * * Please PRINT THIS OUT and mail it, along with your payment. * * * *


Hey 1986 REGISTER NOW! Due by 5/26/06 !

Hey 1987 REGISTER NOW! Due by 5/26/06 !

Hey 1988 REGISTER NOW! Due by 5/26/06 !

For the Combined Class Reunion with the Classes of 1986, 1987 & 1988

Friday, June 30 Sunday, July 2, 2006



NAME of classmate: ______________________________________


YEAR of graduation: _________________


AMOUNT sending: __________________


NAME/s of those attending: _________________________________



(This is how your name tag, and that of your guest, will be printed.)


Please note:        Money is 100% refundable IF you personally notify Trish at ON or BY Friday, MAY 26th, 2006 . (Four weeks prior to event.)



Cost is $50.00 per person/$100.00 per couple for everything, minus alcoholic

beverages, which you are welcome to purchase at the cash bars both nights.


Please attach a CHECK or MONEY ORDER made payable to:


Trish Mathis Lueker

615 Hawthorne Circle

Junction City . Kansas 66441


On the MEMO portion, please indicate the year you graduated and the full names (first and last) of those attending. Since Trish is collecting ALL the registration money for ALL three classes, please be sure to include the info requested above to assist on the administrative front.


No Cash Please.


The evening venues are not terribly family-friendly. We are considering having a licensed, qualified, local daycare for Friday and/or Saturday nights. To do this, we must confirm an exact number and ages of children.  If this interests you, please e-mail Trish at so I can get an accurate count.        Cost will be paid by the parents at an hourly rate.